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Hitmen [2023]

 ️Title: Hitmen [2023]

Also Known As: Hitmen

Rating ⭐️: 6.8 / 10

(6.8 based on 48 user ratings) | | 1h 36min |

Release Info: 26 / 4 / 2023 (Singapore)

Genre: #Action 🤣 #Comedy 🎭 #Drama

Language: #Indonesian

Country of Origin: 🇮🇩 #Indonesia

Story Line: A full peek to a day in the life of Jonny and Franky, two best friends who got cornered into doing three missions out of their work principle and value, in order to retire from their job as hitmen.

Directors Anggy Umbara Kemal Al Giffari Bagus Iman

Writers Aaron Hart Anggy Umbara

Stars Vino G. Bastian Abdur Arsyad Brisia Jodie Anggika Bolsterli Cornelio Sunny Muhammad Faqih Alaydrus Rukman Rosadi

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